Contributing content from your browser

First you need to create a GitHub account, log in and navigate to our GitHub repository

Adding a simple article

Click on Add file -> Create new file

Create new file

Github will notify you that it has automatically forked the repository for you.

You’re making changes

Type in the file path of the file you want to create and type in the content of your article (/ works as a directory separator). Info on article formatting and our directory structure is available in here

Write content

After you’re done with your content scroll down, type in a descriptive commit message like this and click on Propose new file

Propose new file

GitHub will then show a summary of the changes you’ve made. If you don’t intend to add anything more you can jump straight to “Creating a pull request” down below. If you want to add more continue to the next step.

Adding more edits and a picture

Comparing changes

To add more files navigate to your repositories and then to your forked wiki repository.

Your repositories wiki repository

You’ll see a notification saying the branch GitHub created for you (in this case patch-1) has recent pushes. Click on the branch name to switch to that branch.

patch-1 had recent pushes

To add a picture to our article we’ll first need to move the article into it’s own subfolder and rename it to

First navigate to the file you created and open it.

your file in the repository

To move and rename the file click on the Edit this file button with a pen icon…

Edit this file

… and type in the new path/name for the file.

Old file path/name New file path/name

While you’re here also add the reference to the image file in the article. (Do not use the GitHub’s built-in “add picture” functionality, it isn’t compatible with our site)

Edited content

After you’re done editing the file scroll down, write a descriptive commit message and hit Commit changes

Commit changes

To upload the image file click on Add file -> Upload files

Upload files

Drag your file into the browser window or click on choose your files and select your file.

choose your files

Write a descriptive commit message and hit Commit changes

Commit changes

Now if you go back to your file you can see that the picture shows up in the preview.

Markdown preview

Creating a pull request

If you’re done with your changes now is time to make a pull request to merge them into the main repository.

When you navigate to the branch on your fork with the changes you should see a yellow notification box saying it has recent pushes.

patch-1 had recent pushes

Click on Compare & pull request and type in a descriptive name and comment for your pull request.

Open a pull request

Leave the “Allow edits by maintainers” box checked so we can fix any issues before merging and click on Create pull request. Now you can just wait while one of the maintainers reads your commit and merges it to the wiki.